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Why counseling?

Because you're feeling overwhelmed with the constant demands of life. You want and need help finding a better way to deal with it all. You're struggling with your child, family and relationships. You've read the books, watched the videos, talked to friends & family and nothing works. Nothing makes it better for the long run. 

Your child is still struggling at school, is often having meltdowns, argues back, pushes boundaries, yells, screams and cries. You don't know how else to help him or her. Your household is under constant stress and chaos and you sometimes wonder, "what if I take the next plane to the beach or mountains and leave everything behind?" 

Let me tell you, there's hope! You don't have to settle for living like this. I can help you, your child and your family set small goals during our therapeutic process and healing journey that will lead you to a better way of life. With hard work and dedication, positive change is possible. I've seen many families and children reach a healthier way of interacting with each other in a peaceful and respectful manner. Please reach out so we can discuss how I can help you reach your goals.

"Play is the highest form of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child's soul!"

Friedrich Froebel

Friedrich Froebel

Frequently Asked Questions

Psychotherapy, counseling, therapy, coaching what's the difference?

The answer is a Mental Health License. In the state of Texas, one must have a Master's degree from an accredited University, pass the National Counselor Examination and complete 3,000 supervised hours in order to be licensed to practice psychotherapy or counseling. Coaching is just a certification.

How can I book an intake session?

Book the first session by contacting us by phone or email. A 15 minute free phone consultation will happen before the initial intake session. Once you're a client, you can book future sessions and manage your payments online on a HIPAA secure management system.

What are your fees?

You can reach out by email or phone to schedule a free 15 minute over the phone initial consultation. After that, we will schedule a session which will be a first initial assessment. It will last 75 minutes and the cost is $115.00. After that, follow up individual sessions will last an average of 50 minutes and the cost is $100. Sliding fees are available on a case by case basis. 

Do you take insurance?

At this time, I do not take insurance. When people use their health insurance, a qualifying mental health diagnosis needs to be reported to the insurance company for them to cover the sessions. This confidential information becomes part of the client's permanent medical record. Also, the insurance company determines the number of sessions covered. However, I could provide you with a Out of Network "Superbill" for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement or to count towards your deductible.  

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1504 Leander Road, Georgetown, Texas 78628