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Making Adult New Friends




2 Hours - No CE's


About the Course

Are you having trouble how to make new friends as an adult? It's not as easy as when we were kids and just asked another kid in the playground, "Hey! Do you want to be my friend?" This enlightened two-hour webinar based on the book "Platonic," exploring the art of making new friends as an adult. This webinar will delve into the challenges and opportunities of building meaningful connections later in life, offering practical strategies for expanding your social circle and cultivating fulfilling friendships. Participants will learn how to overcome common barriers to making new friends, such as busy schedules and fear of rejection, and discover effective ways to initiate and nurture new relationships. Whether you're new to an area, looking to broaden your social network, or simply seeking deeper connections, this webinar provides valuable insights and tools for fostering authentic friendships in adulthood.

Your Instructor

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